3528 Waterproof LED Module

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3528 Waterproof LED Module

Large-sized perforated LED letter, outdoor signs and signboards


LBY 3528 LED

CE, RoHS, ISO9001:2008 certified

Three-year warranty

20pcs/string; cut every LED; flexible bending

DC12V power supply; eco-friendly and energy efficient; 30% power consumption reduction

90 degrees beam angle

ABS + epoxy resin material for waterproof; IP65 protection grade

Newly developed product with high reliability and good reputation

Each square meter requires 156 LED modules (center distance: 8mm)

Model SK267F
Power Consumption(W) 0.3W
Luminous Flux(lm) R/Y/B/G/W/WW
5 / 5 / 2 / 7.6 / 13 / 12
LED QTY 2pcs
Size 26*7*4mm
Available Colors R/Y/B/G/W/WW
Wave Length(nm/K) R/Y/B/G/W/WW
623~630 / 585-593 / 465-475 / 515-525 / 5500-6500 / 2800-3200
Working Voltage(V) 12V
Drive Method Constant current
Viewing Angle(θ) 120º
IP grade IP65
Wires UL1007 20# long> 100mm white/grey white is negative, grey's positive
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Standard length in serial connection 20pcs/sries
Maximum length in serial connection ≤20pcs
Shell ABS
Color Cream
Double-sided adhesive 3m adhesive tape
Working temperature -40℃- + 50℃
Storage temperature -50℃- +60>℃

By adopting SMD3528 LED as the illuminant, 3528 waterproof LED module offers high brightness and wide beaming angle without shadow. Plus rational optical design, it creates uniform brightness without facula. Also, Silicon rubber material used for the illuminant encapsulation enable it to offer high light effect and long life span up to 50,000hours. Meanwhile, no luminous decay appears within 1000 hours. Our product employs low voltage DC12V and constant voltage drive to obtain stable performance and safety. Glass fiber circuit board with good heat dissipation is also applied for enhancing the stable performance. Optional fixing holes and 3M tapes make the LEDs easily installed. Moreover, with the injection molding process and the shell made of ABS, it features excellent resistance to corrosion and its color won't fade. Besides, materials of high thermal conductivity are also adopted for the shell, ensuring good heat dissipation, durability and elegant appearance. Seal design protects LED from being damaged, and anti-aging silicone rubber ring is used to protect the circuits. According to the clients' actual application, specially designed protective lamp shade is provided to greatly improve the luminous effect. What's more, the water resistant LED module only needs mechanical assembly with no potting, thus offering short lead time, convenient maintenance, high efficiency as well as good consistency. Last but not the least, all the raw materials used are ROHS approved, so it is secure when using our product. With superior protection grade, it is mainly applicable for light-emitting character and logo, lightbox, signboard and the like.

Our company is an experienced 3528 waterproof LED module manufacturer, based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including LED T8 tube light, SMD 5050 LED flexible strip light, high power LED module, and more.
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