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The illuminant modules should be arranged in equal space. And the number of illuminant modules can be preliminarily estimated through computer simulations. Commonly, the space needed for brightness ranges from 3cm to 6cm while the character thickness comes in 5cm to 13cm. To design the power distribution network, you should first calculate the power consumption. In addition, 20% power reserve is recommended when selecting the power supply. For LED illuminant installation, you should ensure the mounting surface cleanness and evenly arrange the modules whose bottoms have been applied with double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive. Finally, you can install the channel letter panel and check.

1. We must be careful that the polarity of LED module is not reversed. Keep in mind that the red wire represents the anode and the white wire indicates the cathode.
2. To ensure the uniformity and 5cm to 13cm distance between the acrylic transmitting cover plate and LED module, you should choose the right acrylic plate, thus avoiding light spot and low brightness.
3. The LED module voltage must be in consistent with the switching power supply voltage.
4. LED module should be firmly attached. Screw is available if necessary.
5. The length of power line should be no more than 3m. Wire diameter will be added if the length is longer than 3m.
6. Each series circuit should have the same amount of LED modules and the same wire length should be assured. See the product parameter for the maximum quantity.
7. Precautionary measures should be taken for channel letters when the non-waterproof series are applied outdoors. Working temperature ranges from -40℃ to 80℃; meanwhile, working humidity is less than 75% for long term, and less than 90% for short term.

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