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  • High Power LED ModuleHigh power LED module adopts diverging lens not only to greatly improve the lighting efficiency, but also provide uniform luminous effect even when the modules are arranged with larger space. Besides, Osram LED which is both stable and durable is imported to offer high brightness and uniform lighting. Therefore, our exquisite LED module can reduce the installation time and cost since it can provide the same luminous effect with fewer modules compared to any other common module.
  • Gamma LED ModuleGamma LED module, whose life span reaches to 50,000 hours, employs constant current design for protecting the components. The adoption of injection molding process and ABS shell enable it come with the ingress protection rating 67. Also, it owns simple but fashionable appearance. Luminous decay will not appear within 1000 hours. Furthermore, we have received UL, CE, and ROHS certificates, so it is secure when using our product.
  • Alfa LED ModuleExcept having the same features as other LED Module does, Alfa LED module comes with more shining points. As the most acceptable product in the sector, it is not only cost effective and easily installed, but small in design. Besides, two-year quality guarantee is always available.Our company is a specialized Alfa LED module manufacturer in China. We also provide LED T8 tube light, LED flexible strip light, Beta LED module, and high power LED module, among others.
  • SMD 3528 Flexible Strip LightBeing small in size and convenient in buckling, SMD 3528 flexible strip light can be easily fixed on the mounting surface with any radian. And silicon rubber material used for illuminant encapsulation enables it to provide superior brightness and lighting effect as well as extensive optic angle without shadow. In addition, with the imported double-sided FPC as its substrate, the strip light offers excellent folding resistance and overcurrent performance.
  • SMD 5050 Flexible Strip LightSMD 5050 flexible strip light is applicable for advertising like ultra slim light box, luminous character, and light-emitting sign. Also, it has decorative effect and can be used for the decoration of monopoly store, marketplace, home furnishing and the like. As well, it can render the atmosphere in leisure entertainment places if used for bias lighting.
  • LED T8 Tube LightLED T8 Tube Light is durable with life span up to 50,000 hours. It offers good heat dissipation and superior lighting effect. For not containing mercury, xenon or any other hazardous elements, it is environmentally friendly. Due to its excellent performance, our product is extensively used as cold light illuminator in hypermarket, factory, school, office, tunnel, parking lot and so on.

We at LINGBENYANG INDUSTRY mainly provide high power LED module, Gamma LED module, Alfa LED module, Beta LED module, LED flexible strip light, LED T8 tube light and many others. Over 10 years experience in LED sector enables us to provide well performing products used for both commercial and civilian lighting. For instance, LED Module and LED strip is mainly applied to light-emitting character and logo, lightbox, counter and the like; meanwhile, LED tube is extensively used for large venues such as office, school, parking lot, market and etc.

Our product enjoys both technological superiority and quality advantage compared to the similar product of any other company. In order to optimize product performance, international advanced technologies are introduced like imported illuminants and chips. The application of German Osram illuminant makes our power series not only offer high lumen value, wide angle and good consistency, but also come with low power consumption and light degradation, as well as excellent durability. Therefore, our one module can be used as 8 to 10 common modules. Besides, GAMMA series employ Sumsung illuminant 5730. Moreover, the encapsulation of chips imported from Taiwan is completed in our own factory, thus making the color, brightness and the pressure consistency controllable. In addition to draw into imported raw materials, automatic equipments like reflow soldering, automatic die bonder, auto wire bonder, automatic spectral machine, automatic injection molding machine, automatic optical detector and etc., are imported for production. For the sake of ensuring quality and further improving production efficiency, QC is adopted in all processes and regular training given by professional personnel is available for our staff to upgrade their skills. As a result of the efforts of our talented staff and a highly effective management system, LINGBENYANG INDUSTRY has received ISO9001:2008, UL, CE, and ROGH certificates.

What's more, double packaging like anti-static packaging and cartons packaging are used for our product. And we have a dedicated warehouse for storing products.

Our three factories cover over 10,000 square meters and are staffed with over 350 employees, including 35 skilled technicians, and a R&D department of 50 people. Advanced, automated equipment enables us to quickly, efficiently, and economically achieve our monthly output of over 6 million pieces of LED module and 1.5 million meters of LED strip. We also utilize wafer chips from Taiwan and Osram lamp beads from famous brand companies to help ensure the quality of our LED module, LED flexible strip light, and T8 LED tube light. As a result of our efforts to perfect our product quality, company management, and customer service, we have received the ISO2008 and ISO 2000 International Quality Management Certificates, all of our products are EU, CE, and ROHS approved, and some of them are UL listed.

Aiming to improve production efficiency and quality, regular training is provided to our staff to increase their skills. Moreover, more than a decade of experience in the LED sector has allowed us to form relationships with qualified local suppliers, so we are able to make bulk purchases at discounted rates, thus reducing costs for us and our clients.

Our advantageous location near the Shenzhen ports gives us access to convenient transportation and fast communication networks. Not only keenly aware of our domestic market, we at LINGBENYANG also focus on fully servicing our overseas markets. As a result, our LED module and LED lights are warmly welcomed by overseas customers and are primarily exported to Europe and the US.